Using Plugins and Mixins in Sencha EXTJS

ExtJs is a powerful Enterprise Object Oriented JavaScript Framework used to build enterprise Applications. When extending the functionality of a framework class, you generally write the new functionality directly into the derived class. However, if you need that same functionality to exist in multiple components, the most efficient option may be to define it in a plugin or mixin. Plugins and mixins are classes that add extra functionality to another class. In this article, we’ll talk about what these classes are, how they differ, and how they work.

DevHosting made easy using Gulp.js

Gone are the days of traditional Apache Tomcat, and Nginix are used by Developers for local hosting and testing. With more and more minimalistic frameworks taking over the scene , developers can focus on things which really matters rather than configuring environments. On that note, let's take a look at the awesome npm module 'Gulp.js' and take advantages of it's benefits and explore and leverage it to suit our application the most.