RunKit - An effective notebook with NodeJS Runtime

Ever run into the problem of installing a node module adding it as a dependency in your package.json, only to find out it's not the best fit for the bill and removing it. Node Package Manager has an effective way of trying out a library before installing it as a dependency. It's called runKit, today we look at the approach of properly using it for testing and deploying node packages in your next project

Inheritance in SQL - way to not repeat ourselves (DRY) while creating new tables

If you are a back end developer who has to deal with the design and development of a SQL based Data Base Management System, there is a fair chance that you might have come across situations, where you have to figure out how to represent  similar data sets in tables without repeating yourself. This is the kind of situations where you can benefit by using inheritance based approach in the Database  Design.

Getting Started with React Native using Expo

Let's explore how quickly we can rapidly start prototyping for React Native using Expo Snack.

Ensure you have Expo client installed on your Android / iOS device so that we can see live reloading on your device. By scanning the QR code in your device, you will witness the changes made in your app real-time in Expo Client.

If you are one among the folks who love playing around with JSFiddle and CodePen then Expo Snack is the right tool for you to use and build something small and significant.

JavaScript (JS) Bytes 1

Hi, this is going to be a series, where i will be talking about leveraging the power of JavaScript in its essence and thereby developing resourceful apps. JavaScript is the language of the browsers. Despite being available for almost two decades only few have mastered the intricacies of understanding how JavaScript is different from other Object Oriented Languages, and how much it benefits the developer community if mastered from get-go.