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This was a hackathon proposal by out team for HackerEarth's Internet Of Thing's challenge. This is one of our dream project to build a cross platform architecture for Vehicle On board Diagonistics


To build a secure platform for cars as well as other heavy duty vehicles which actively monitors and control all the activities done with the vehicle. The platform is open and is compatible with any vehicles having OBD2 port and has space to integrate hardwares and sensors that are not offered through OBD2 interface.


Internet of Cars has been around for a while, with a full suite of features like Vehicle diagnostics, Emergency Assistance and Wifi built around your vehicle, many market leaders have emerged among the space, but what if a solution exists which provide all the above features, and which can support smooth integration of different vendors solutions. This is where our product Bludle comes into play, our Platform provides a standard interface for all the electronic components in a vehicle , which can be leveraged by onboard diagnostics based solutions provided by players like Verizon’s hum, Zubie and so on. Our objective is to move out of the hardware oriented architecture and leverage the power of cloud to build suites of applications which works for multiple vendors solutions.


  • Creating an open platform for Internet of cars , moving away from the traditional model where different hardware components are used based on vehicles
  • Complete suite of solutions which doesn't rely solely based on the information obtained from OBD , but also opens room for integration of different actuators and sensors.
  • The software stack allows developers to publish their own apps to control and monitor their vehicle or fleet, this moves away from the current model where hardware dependent applications are prevalent in the market place
  • Leverages and uses the power of smart phone to unleash the potential of smart vehicles. Comes with a WiFi hotspot which provides network connectivity within the car
  • Embraces the adoption of open standards for solving the challenges faced by automotive industry today, by giving them the tools to build their own solutions and controlling their data
  • Creates a bridge between different product offerings from various connected vehicles providers like hum and zumie, thereby staying true to the vision of cross platform compatibility
  • Comes in with a suite of automation inbuilt , with automatic car parking, voice controlled commands for performing various operations, and setting patterns for switching to different modes of driving
  • Comes with an application which includes all the different components which can be downloaded and used independently, also serving as a marketplace for apps developed by independent developers which can be downloaded and installed as an entity within the application

Tech Stack



A tiny pocket size computer which fits inside the palm , widely acclaimed for its computing resources in embedded applications, this Silicon on a chip stands out exemplarily from its contemporaries in terms of processing power and community support

Android Tablet

To provide a visual Interface , can be even a smartphone with Android version 5.0 and above which supports Bluetooth Low energy (BLE) and Android beam.


Ubuntu Core

A open source and a secure Linux based operating system with one of the largest community support on open source, tailored specifically for SOCs.


A popular open source mobile operating system, with abundance of rich Java libraries. Using the Android operating system will help us provide support for all the existing Android apps makes it easy for Android developers to develop apps on the Bludle platform.

Apache ActiveMQ

MQTT broker with Apache's large community support, provides us a  message queue technology with Enterprise level integrity.


A relatively young technology, helps to create high scalable micro services using JavaScript. It also has a large amount of rich libraries in NPM, a package manager for NodeJS. Because of it’s support to JavaScript, time taken for development is reduced to half.


A NodeJS framework to create web services with ease.


To know more, please refer the design document attached, on the implementation details