Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and IOT based Industrial Automation

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Cebit Hackathon


This came about from a hackathon initiative which was conducted by CeBIT during December 2016 and attended by Alpha Alloy members. We collaborated with a freelancer/developer named Swapnil and further augmented our proposal. 


To usher into the new era of Industry 4.0 by fully augmenting the sheer capabilities of Internet Of Things and bringing devices/equipments to life and monitor their health in an interactive manner

  1. Monitor the device status without Internet using BLE(Bluetooth Low Energy)

  2. Also use IOT for monitoring automatically when the on-premise attendant leaves the vicinity

  3. A consolidated visual dashboard appears when the attendant approach the equipment dishing out details on it’s performance and the expected throughput

  4. With on-board Analytics the next scheduled maintenance can be automatically triggered thereby avoiding unexpected downtimes

Cebit Architecture

Technology Stack

  1. Raspberry Pi 3 (with WiFi Adapter)

  2. Node RED Module to use GPIO pins from Raspberry pi using Nodejs

  3. An ARM Robot whose values and performance will be monitored

  4. Android Phone with (Android 5.0 +) which supports BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)

  5. Ionic Native BLE Module


For more details please refer the design document attached