Electric Wheel Chair

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The main objective of this project was to bring a electric wheelchair as inexpensive as possible, that would help people in locomotion. The main reason for working hard to bring down the manufacturing cost was to reach as many people as possible, as those who have enough funds to get expensive electric wheelchairs. The aim of this project is to analyze and prototype a motorized wheelchair based on extensive fact findings and research on existing models, technology used, market scenario and customer requirements. The course of our work begins with the planning phase involving initial research, literature review and background study. It is followed by concept generation phase that includes outlining specifications and generating concept designs. The next is detailed design phase where we focus on design for assembly and manufacturing and simulation in virtual environment. In the final phase, we progress towards prototyping and testing a feasible model.

This project would also enable people from converting a normal wheelchair   into one that can be powered using a battery. This can be done with extremely simple techniques that would bring down the cost of making electric wheelchairs by a huge margin, thus helping people from the less affordable part of society.



In this project we have found out a cheaper and an efficient way to address the problem of disability with our innovative technology.  Here in addition to the normal prototype, with the help of the accelerometer (ADXL535) head gesture control we are going to help the affected people to reach his destination and to move from his place properly. Market analysis was done and the main aim of this project was to bring a electric wheelchair as inexpensive as possible, that would help people in locomotion and you can also disassemble this kind if wheel chair effortlessly so that you need not actually use heavy vehicles for carrying them.

A detailed review document has been attached for further implementation details