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Design Architecture


The below project is a semi-final round submission of The Code Gladitors competition held by Axa Insurance , which was won by Alpha Alloy. (participated by Niranjan T, Hari Santhosh V, Visweshwar S)

Contest Summary by TechGig Code Gladiators and AXA Business Services


  1. Giving the customer a sense of confidence about his eligibility for the insurance premium
  2. Building a bot to replicate the role of an Insurance Agent
  3. A standalone chat client which stands as a marquee trait of data ownership
  4. Complete analytics of the user interaction and user control with custom web-based admin console
  5. Metrics to be focused on : Age, Employability Status and SkillSets
  6. Using OAuth from LinkedIn and Facebook the aforementioned credentials are obtained and used for analysis by the bot
  7. The Objective will not be met solely on the analysis of the data, but upon engagement with the user to get more relevant details on his previous work experiences or projects and his assets and other value added propositions,
  8. The direction of the complete conversation will be persisted for analysis purposes
  9. The exit gateway will be the quick summarisation of the policies which the user is eligible for and the follow up link to avail the benefits of the policy.


Technology Stack

  1. Conversational Server : All bot logic will be primarily based on NodeJS, to make things simplified and also with the benefit of cross-fitting with different bot-platforms


  1. Database: MySQL database for reliable storage of information. Though NoSql is a preferred alternative , considering data-integrity into equation, MySQL paved the way forward.


  1. Messaging Server: XMPP based Ejabberd is chosen to give the complete freedom for data, and also for instant relaying of messages, it also has proven integrity and stability ever since it’s early stage of inception


  1. Bot Interface: For semi-final submission , we have chosen Facebook Messenger Platform as bot interface for our MVP. We will be moving to Ionic and Strophe.JS based solution as a standalone chat client during finals. Ionic platform has been chosen ,for its cross platform portability and mobility and for its ability to support push notifications for instant user engagement. It runs on the top of Apache Cordova and PhoneGap. Ionic supports development in AngularJs which brings modularisation and industry preferred MVC Design pattern as a bundle.


  1. Admin Dashboard: AngularJs based Admin Dashboard is supplied to gather insights on the conversation held by the bot , and to track the conversion rate and other key metrics.The dashboard uses components from Angular Material Web-Component Library. For Single Page Application routing and deep-linking, angular-ui-router module is used.

To Learn more about the Architecture and the approach used, feel free to refer the attached Design Document.