RunKit - An effective notebook with NodeJS Runtime


If you were ever a fan of Python's Jupyter Notebooks which are Python's way of documenting and programming then make no mistake RunKit will sound music to your ears. Started out with the purpose of providing documentation and also testing out code samples for scientific applications for scientists, Jupyter notebooks became the defacto standard for developing and also documenting scientific findings. Node JS being the most popular server-side framework in the past decade, wasted no time and made a move to provide instant trying out of their node packages instantly, by hosting all their packages as a runtime in RunKit. 

RunKit is the best tool for prototyping server-side JavaScript. RunKit notebooks are interactive playgrounds connected to a complete node environment right in your browser.

RunKit notebooks remove the friction of trying new ideas. With one click, you'll have a sandboxed JavaScript environment where you can instantly switch node versions, use every npm module without having to wait to install it, and even visualize your results.

These are few of the most intriguing features provided by RunKit. But the instant classic feature which caught my eye is the ability to host your endpoint instantly and check it out inside your applications, without deploying in your server. This is a boon for developers who can save all the hassle to deploy micro-services in their server's realm and test out their business logic. We implemented this way of developing micro-services in this mechanism and this saved us time in leaps and bounds.

Here is the link for a sample notebook which we built to demonstrate the capabilities of runkit.

You can click on the endpoint to publish this, and invoke it using PostMan and play around. So go ahead play around with 400K+ Node modules which are waiting at your disposal fellas!

Runkit Example

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