Getting Started with React Native using Expo

Let's explore how quickly we can rapidly start prototyping for React Native using Expo Snack.

Ensure you have Expo client installed on your Android / iOS device so that we can see live reloading on your device. By scanning the QR code in your device, you will witness the changes made in your app real-time in Expo Client.

If you are one among the folks who love playing around with JSFiddle and CodePen then Expo Snack is the right tool for you to use and build something small and significant.

Snack Let's you to instantly test your code on a device or a browser

The UI Updates dynamically as you type, without saving them the code is transpiled directly on your device. This can be a problem at times as it will error until you complete your code

Snack uses Expo under the hood and hence all the API's which comes under it can be directly used.

We have built a sample starter from bludle. Do check out our snack at this url -

snack bludle

Always have the react native documentation at your aide and build and deploy native apps using React native using Expo client. 

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