Auto Detect & Self Correction – Similarities in Vehicle Electronics & Industrial Automation.

VDC in action

Errors are inevitable when lots of players gets involved in a system or organization, that is why today’s capitalists, forces their intention on a self sufficient industries (which unfortunately leads to monopoly). Every system does create some malfunctions during its process, which are considered to be lousy and it has to be sorted out automatically while the system is undergoing the progress itself. To set it right these people are trying to find efficient and effective remedies. Thus creating revolution in every sector. 

Self parking system

Automated Industries can be compared to cars with advanced automatic features. We can take Parking Assistance feature as an example, where every movement of the car will be predicted by ECU (Electronic Control Unit), where the algorithm is programmed and instructions are delivered with continuous feedback system. This ECU will be wired with sensor at every joint and will be monitored in a regular interval in other word “Pulse by Pulse”.

Just like how Self Parking Systems which controls and monitors a vehicle in real time are possible, Self Production Systems for today's industries are also possible. Programs designed for Industrial Automation can calculate orders confirmed for production & prepare the incomings (raw materials, Sub-Parts, tools & machinery) for the manufacturing process (Production or Machining or Assembling) which are considered to be as Pre-process of Production. After production, the Post-processing of the products produced can also be programmed till their delivery to the markets or customers. 

Pre-Processing in production is considered as the trunk, which is sub divided into many branches throughout their process. This involves performing analytics in Sales & Marketing, Accountancy which charts about Expenditures & Incomes, Personnel, Human Resource, Environment Management, Supply Chain Management etc.

"Since these ventures are larger than cars, they need more precise techniques in maneuvering them.”

Autonomous industries

Cars are getting smarter with their control systems and hence they become more sophisticated. This sophistication in their software, produces more safety for drivers and passengers. This is made possible only through Vehicle Dynamic Control System which monitors the driving conditions of a car, predicts the occurrence of obstacles, monitors the inputs given for the obstacles and controls it to overcome the obstacles in certain situations like collisions, over-steering, under-steering and roll-over.

From this video, it is evident that this system can control some aspects of the brakes and pressure given to them, then correct it to prevent understeer by helping it to turn and prevent from impact, or oversteer by preventing its wheels from slipping. This VDC system significantly concentrates on Chassis Electronics & Driver Assistance. They are the two major divisions under Vetronics which involves in maintaining the control over a car by various systems in Chassis Electronics like Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS), Traction Control System (TCS), Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD), Electronic Stability Program (ESP) & Park Assistance (PA). They also concentrate on Driver Assistance, which are very advanced and they basically work on Human-Machine interface. Advanced Driver Assistance Systems are implemented by two dominant industries, Tesla – Tesla Autopilot System & Nissan – Nissan Propilot Assist. Whenever they sense poor track condition or impact by any obstacle, VDC automatically turns on, this can be identified by the light on in the dash. VDC Dash

Here, if you see this VDC system, it dynamically controls all the various automated system which are designed for a specific purpose only. For Example, TCS takes care about the mismatch between throttle input and engine torque according to different road conditions and prevents loss of traction over the wheels and road.

Similarly, Industries have various automated systems which are controlled specifically and this cannot be a complete Industrial Automation unless otherwise if there is a system like VDC, which could combine these specifically automated systems into one. Doing so will make, running an industry much more effective and superfluous. In order to monitor and control the whole industrial process today’s technologist has coined the term “Industrial IoT”. This is a vast topic and I will be discussing about this in my future blogs. 

Industrial IoT was coined in a Hannover Messe which was conducted in 2013 (Exhibition by CeBit which took place in Hannover) by German Government from their project in a High-Tech Strategy and under the Term Industry 4.0.

Industry 4.0 adds the “Smart” factor to the present day industries, by evolving them to “smart factories”.

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